World’s largest and North America’s lowest-cost sodium chlorate plant
North American Sodium Chlorate

Brandon Advantage

Our low-cost advantage at the world’s largest sodium chlorate plant creates economies of scale that are virtually unbeatable. Brandon is about three times the size of the average North American plant and makes up over 90% of Canexus’ sodium chlorate EBITDA. Smaller plants at Nanaimo, B.C. and Beauharnois, Quebec, comprise the rest.

Due to economies of scale and unmatched low-cost hydro-electricity rates, we believe Brandon can deliver to more than 50% of North American pulp producers cheaper than anyone else.

De-bottleneck Opportunities

With a successful power line upgrade in 2012, we expanded Brandon's annual capacity to 316,000 metric tonnes (MT). We continue to analyze de-bottleneck opportunities at Brandon for decision in 2014 on potential implementation. Market fundamentals in North America remain balanced and support operating rates in the low-90%.

Brandon can deliver to these shaded areas cheaper than anyone else.