The regional low-cost chlor-alkali producer
North American Chlor-Alkali

Our Operations

Our North American chlor-alkali operations are located in North Vancouver, British Columbia. We are the regional low-cost producer of chlor-alkali in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest. In Western Canada, we have over 50% of the caustic soda market share and approximately 30% of the hydrochloric acid market share.

In 2010, we completed a technology conversion project (TCP) which transformed our more than 50-year-old plant and made it modern, cost effective and environmentally superior. TCP lowered our unit costs by 20% due to greater electricity efficiency, lower headcount and lower maintenance costs. It also expanded our capacity by one-third.

In 2013, we completed two hydrochloric acid expansions which increased our capacity nearly 150% to meet demand primarily from fracturing activity in the oil and gas industry.

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