Escalating demand for hydrochloric acid creates growth opportunity
North American Chlor-Alkali

Hydrochloric Acid Expansions

Over the past several years, the oil and gas industry in Western Canada has seen an increase in horizontal drilling and fracturing technologies that use hydrochloric acid. This increased demand benefits our North Vancouver chlor-alkali plant, which produces hydrochloric acid.

Our Expansion Plans

In 2013, we undertook two hydrochloric acid expansions. Each added 110,000 wet metric tonnes (WMT) of capacity, increasing our total hydrochloric acid capacity to 370,000 WMT/year. The output from the first expansion is sold out under multi-year contracts.

The expansions support higher chlorine production rates during typical seasonal downturns and provide the necessary acid feedstock for other chlorine derivative products, which opens doors to new opportunities in the future.

N.A. HCI Merchant Demand