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Transportation Safety & Awards

In keeping with our commitment to Responsible Care®, our goal is to ensure our product is transported safely to our customers with minimal risk to the public and the environment.

Each year we ship more than 11,000 railcar loads of business to our customers safely and efficiently. So transportation logistics and safety are an essential part of what we do.

Pre-Qualification Process

Canexus has a robust pre-qualification program with all our carriers and terminal operators to ensure an uncompromising focus on safety and regulatory compliance. We evaluate carriers and terminals ourselves and employ a detailed third-party audit process to ensure quality programs are in place and functioning well.  Then we meet with our suppliers to provide detailed feedback and track process changes carefully to ensure continuous improvement is realized.

Route Evaluations

With each first time shipment, Canexus conducts a detailed evaluation of the route to assess the inherent risk of movement, whether by rail, truck or barge. A route risk assessment is repeated every five years even if shipments are made regularly on the route. If the risks are too high, Canexus will evaluate alternative routes or simply not ship to that destination.

Training and Emergency Response

We have developed effective transportation emergency response plans and maintain trained ER teams at all facilities. Annual transportation ER workshops are conducted involving local carriers, community first responders and regulatory agency representatives.

Transportation Achievements

While we are not without minor incident, our track record of transportation awards reflects our commitment to transportation safety. As the list above shows, we've received more than 60 awards from major railways. Twice now, we have also received the AAR's Grand Slam Award, which requires us to have won four of the above awards in a year and have no NARs (Non-Accidental Release) on any railway lines. We are proud of these achievements and will continue to focus on improving our safety culture, practices and results.