Our people drive our success

Our Culture

At Canexus, we know the power of people when they are respected, recognized and rewarded. Their passion drives our success and creates the competitive advantage to thrive in any market condition.

Living our Values

Our culture is best described by our four corporate values. They capture what’s important to us – not as corporate ideologies – but as proven keys to success. They are: Reputation, Results, Resources and Relationships. It’s exciting to know our people can live their values at work. We embrace the principles of diversity and integrity and seek to provide a safe, challenging and rewarding work experience.

As an international business with 450 employees in nine locations on two continents, communication is critical to our success. Quarterly conference calls and town hall meetings provide forums for senior management and employees to interact, share ideas and plan together.

We competitively position our compensation and benefits programs and emphasize health, wellness and Responsible Care® within our culture. Our employees are recognized formally and informally through our recognition and service awards programs.

Seeing the Rewards

In a competitive labour market, we are maintaining our position as an employer of choice and our ability to attract quality people when required. Virtually all Canexus employees own company shares, which aligns our interests with those of our investors. Our business strategy and our people strategy are linked to support our overall objectives for profitability, growth and corporate responsibility.

As we continue making Canexus a great place to work, our employees reward us with loyalty, high performance and an environment that supports growth.